About Me

My name is Preston Cook. I have lived in Alabama my entire life and can’t wait to get out. Don’t get me wrong I love Alabama its called Alabama the beautiful for a reason. However, I haven’t left the confines of the state in over 3 years. My inner little boy is ready to explore. I am so envious of those who get to travel and see new placed and experience new things.

I believe that if your ever feeling depressed or upset all your need to do is change your perspective. Well these past few years have been pretty rough so as always I’m ready to change my perspective. I’m ready to see the world and the people that fill it. I want to see the world from different viewpoints and hopefully through a camera lens one day.

I graduate from the University of Alabama in December of this year. I am counting the days even though I know I shouldn’t. I know that in the future I will regret wishing the days away but I’m ready for my adventure. I’m ready to throw everything I own in my car and drive off to something better.


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