Keepin’ Alabama Green

I recently had seen this online earlier this year. It is Alabama’s green report card for the year of 2014 and how we finished. If you have the time it is a very interesting read and goes along with summer and being active to help keep your own community clean.

I was inspired as a young boy not to litter by this older woman who lived in our neighborhood. She would walk her dog every day with a plastic bag in her hand and always pick up every single piece of trash that she passed. She did this everyday for probably as long as I’ve lived in my neighborhood, like 19 years. Unfortunately her dog passed, but she was persistent at cleaning up the community. Seeing that my whole childhood and teenage years along with spending many hours outdoors has given me great appreciation of the planet that we live on. So I don’t ask that you don’t litter because things happen. However, I ask that you just be conscious of your waste and what you do with it.


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