Dishes. I Hate Them

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves.

I truly do hate doing the dishes.

This is mostly because I live alone. So what happens is I rarely eat at my apartment so when I do I maybe use one or two dishes top. Now running the dishwasher for a couple dishes is a pretty big waste of water and two dishes sitting in the sink don’t really need it. Most of the time the dishes I dirty up are just a coffee mug and a plate. After I finish my coffee in the morning I rarely want to follow it up with doing the dishes I mean there are only a few of them and it isn’t worth it so I let them sit. So eventually as most of us know from college the dishes will begin to form a tower, and once that tower is formed nobody wants to touch them not even Mr. Clean.

So eventually the time comes when the smell has reached my nose and “oh man that’s gross” comes out of my mouth that I will attempt to conquer the leaning tower of dishes. At this point it has really become a chore thanks to my laziness. So when I do take care of the dishes it is always kind of gross but I get it done and get them in the dishwasher…eventually. I just chop this up to being lazy and not wanting to run the dishwasher every day for nothing more than a few cups.


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