The reason I’m creating this blog is as place to store my works as a film student. However as I learn more about this website I can’t help but want to post more. So I’ve decided to start a series depicting my internship this summer with the Tuscaloosa amphitheater. I will continue to post things I worked on though as they come. This blog has also become part of a stress reliever for me. I enjoy it more than I thought I would. I’ve never been one to share much online but I like this medium much more than Facebook and Twitter because here it’s not about trying to show off. This website is about brainpower as opposed to social status.

Link to my YouTube

Link to my Vimeo

University of Alabama’s policy regarding my website (http://policies.ua.edu/web.html)

I, Preston E. Cook, have read and acknowledge the UA Web Policy. I agree to abide by that policy with the content of my blog/web site (PCook Productions) that I create in fulfillment of the requirements of CS 391-908 (Spring Interim 2015) for the duration of this course and until my final grade has been submitted

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